About us

Alhumdullilah by the grace of Allah, Islam continues to spread, however it is hard to believe that despite the number of Masajids within the UK and especially London, there is no Masjid in Hammersmith.

For many years, the Hammersmith Islamic Association, a registered charity that is active in the Muslim community of West London, has been striving for the noble cause to establish an Islamic Centre in Hammersmith.

How it started

The Hammersmith Masjid Project, developed as a result of the Friday congregational prayers that we have been organising in Hammersmith since 2009, and thanks to Allah ta’aala, this continues to enrich the lives of many Muslims living and working in the local area, by enabling them to fulfill an important obligation.

Having successfully managed the Friday Prayers, we realised the desperate need for a permanent premises where we can establish the five daily prayers, and also provide many other important facilities for the Muslim community that are still currently unavailable, this includes, Quran Classes for the children, classes for both brothers and sisters, and also facilities during the Month of Ramadan – therefore we started the Hammersmith Masjid Project.

During the time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu’alaihi wa sallam, the Masjid was the centre for the Muslim community, and this is our aim, a Masjid at the heart of the community.